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Sinop CB a.s.
Pod Stromovkou 205
370 01  České Budějovice
Czech republic

Tel: +42 038 720 3521

About Sinop

The SINOP Group of companies was born in 1994 and is a privately owned business. It has become one of the most reliable companies in refrigeration in Europe. Sinop is a medium sized refrigeration and HVAC manufacturer with headquarters and 2 production sites in Czechia near České Budějovice, south of Prague. The company exports to over 20 countries around Europe and beyond which represent the majority of its fast growing turnover. Sinop produces a wide range of refrigeration systems from small beverage coolers to large customised refrigerating machines. All sheet metal is made internally in a brand new plant, including a paint shop with the most modern equipment. Testing lines for various kinds of refrigeration and heat pump equipment are in-house, to meet almost any request from demanding clients, whether they are marine, offshore, or any other industry.

Sustainability Mission

Sinop’s mission in sustainability is why its following all the modern trends in refrigeration field, where high efficiency, reliability and sustainability are top priorities. To achieve that this, Sinop utilises oil-free turbine compressors, or VSD driven screw compressors in systems with low GWP refrigerants.

Sinop has chosen CO2 as its No. 1 natural refrigerant, as it doesn’t come with any legal restrictions. The company’s CO2 experience dates back to 2010, with a variety of booster, cascade, parallel compression and combined racks, chillers, supermarkets, marine, off-shore, industrial MT and LT, condensing units, customised systems, heat pump projects from 5 kW up to 900 kW capacity, all self-designed and manufactured in-house. Sinop is growing very fast in all sectors and has become one of the most reliable European manufacturers of refrigeration units, especially qualified in customised solutions. For this very reason, a third production site will be completed in 2023 to meet the increasing demand for Sinop products.

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