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43052 Colorno (PR) – Italy

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About ZEC

Founded in 1961 by the entrepreneurial vision of Eugenio Zantelli, ZEC Spa has grown from a small workshop in the municipality of Colorno, Parma, to a company with a consolidated distribution network worldwide. ZEC produces thermoplastic hoses for low, medium. high and very high pressures, designed to cover a wide range of applications.

Relying on over 60 years of experience and deeply rooted in the territory, ZEC’s human spirit has been fostered by a strong passion for innovation which is perceived as an opportunity for social growth and a way to achieve economic goals. This synthesis of tradition and innovation is the leitmotiv of the management’s exceptional, visionary approach to business.

Refrigeration and air conditioning is one of the sectors in which ZEC intends to make a difference in the global market.


We are proactive in finding the solutions to environmental challenges. ZEC, with its conductivity to change and high responsiveness to the stimuli of global market, commits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions promoting environment-conscious products: a special line of hoses developed in compliance with EN 1736 CLASS1, which assures the lowest permeability to refrigerant gases.

ZEC’s hoses are the best flexible solution for natural gases as refrigerants (CO2, ammonia, propane, isobutane etc.) in both sub-critical and trans-critical applications, favouring the transition from high-GWP to low-GWP gases in refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.

Embracing the idea of ‘’natural refrigeration’’, ZEC wants to be an active part of the solution to the global warming, supporting human health and encouraging the creation of a sustainable society.

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