When floor space is limited, the only way is up! Small footprint and high capacity; probably the highest kW capacity pr. m2 of any rack in the world.


The rack is constructed as a single unit on a steel frame. This design results in a compact unit that can be installed in places where space is limited. As well as the footprint, there are only minimal setup requirement

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The Advansor Tower has

Standard equipment
Patented Internal Heat Exchanger in Receiver
Frequency Inverter on MT1

Controllers available

Standard design pressures
High Pressure: 120 bar
Receiver Pressure: 60 bar
MT Suction Pressure: 52 (45) bar
LT Suction Pressure: 30 bar

Options available
Frequency Inverter on LT1
Discharge Manifold Connected to Safety Valves
Energy Meter
CO2 Low Level Switch
Standard Enclosure for Low Noise
Enclosure for Low Noise and Outdoor Installation MT only


The Advansor Tower is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Extensive factory tests to ensure fast commission on both pressure and electrical installations

Documentation and manuals that meet legal requirements.

Frame size

3×1 / 2×2

Max No. of MT (IT) Compressors

3 / 2

Max No. of LT Compressors

1 / 2

Max Capacity MT

82kW / 42kW

Max Capacity LT

14kW / 16kW

Receiver Volume

70L / 70L


Both 2,224mm


Both 1,200mm


Both 800mm

Approx. Weight

Both 1,600kg


ISO 9001:2015


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