Customers’ all-time favourite. Simple and compact designed, yet very easy to service. Suits every medium-size supermarket or industrial applications with a wide range of options.


The design is optimized with compressors in only one layer, the electrical panel above and the receiver left to the compressors. Combined with the use of K65 piping, this leads to a very simple and compact design.

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The Advansor Valuepack has

Standard Equipment
Frequency Inverter on MT1
Patented Receiver Design with Integrated Coil and Suction Accumulator
Filter Drier Muffler and Oil Separator

Controllers Available

Standard Design Pressure
High Pressure: 120 bar
Receiver Pressure: 60 bar
MT Suction Pressure: 52 bar
LT Suction Pressure: 30 bar

Option Available
Advanced Frequency Inverter on LT1
Discharge Manifold Connected to Safety Valves
Double Safety Valves on Switchover Valves
Heat Recovery
Energy Meter
Co2 Low Level Switch
Enclosure for Outdoor Installation
60 Bar Suction Side
Gas Cooler Bypass
80 Bar Receiver
Double High Pressure and Gas Bypass Valves
Insulated Hot Surfaces
Parallel Compression
LT only
MT only


The Advansor Valuepack is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Extensive factory tests to ensure fast commission on both pressure and electrical installations.

Documentation and manuals that meet legal requirements.

Frame Size

2X2 / 3X2 / Extended 3×2

Max No. of MT (IT) Compressors

2 / 2 / 3 (Max 1 IT)

Max No. of LT Compressors

2 / 2 / 3

Max Capacity MT [kW]*

60 / 96 / 96

Max Capacity LT [kW]*

25 for all three

Receiver Volume [L]

80/130 for all three

Height [mm]

1,400-1,900 / 1,400-1,900 / 2,840

Length [mm]

2,040 / 2440 / 2,840

Width [mm]

790 for all three

Approx. Weight [kg]

1,000 / 1350 / 1,550


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