AC540 Heat Exchanger

The new AC540 brazed-plate heat exchanger series is suitable for CO2 (R744) refrigeration, particularly in flooded and DX evaporation, and includes technologies like Alfa Laval’s own DynaStatic refrigerant distribution system.

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The Alfa Laval AC540 heat exchanger family includes four models, with two of them, called the ACP and CBP, suitable for CO2 refrigerant. The series is ideal for use with multiple-scroll chillers ranging from 250kW to 800kW (71.1 to 227.5TR) capacity. It is 750mm (29.5in) high and 400mm (15.7in) wide.

The CBP is a single-circuit model with a design pressure of 60bar (870.2psig). It can be used as a flooded CO2 evaporator, making it possible to extend the benefits of plate technology to duties that were traditionally limited to shell [and] tube heat exchangers. It can operate at 800kW (227.5TR), cooling 30% propylene glycol from 20°C to 13°C (68°F to 55.4°F) and evaporating CO2 at 10°C (50°F).

The ACP has the same design pressures as the CBP, and the AC in the model code indicates that the refrigerant distribution system is included within the unit, in this case Alfa Laval’s own DynaStatic distribution. Its intended function is as a DX evaporator in subcritical cascade systems.

The Alfa Laval AC540 heat exchanger has the company’s own DynaStatic distribution system integrated. This system can be optimized for a particular refrigerant and application, and provides high performance in evaporation and condensing duties. In many cases, this performance can be 20 – 40% greater than comparable heat exchangers without a distribution system. This offers big advantages both for reversible systems and when defrosting is key to the application.

Alfa Laval has designed the AC CO2 heat exchanger line particularly for air-conditioning, chiller and heat pump applications. In addition to the flooded and DX evaporator applications, the units can also be used as condensers for rejecting or recovering heat to water, economizers, subcoolers and desuperheaters.



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