Mini Booster

The Mini Booster is a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system from Arneg, combining MT and LT refrigeration in the one unit. Available for installation indoors or outdoors with sound-proofed cabin, and with on-board electric panel.

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The Arneg Mini Booster has 
MT between 24 and 94kW
Three compressors (2 MT and 1 parallel OR 3MT)
Parallel compression
Variable speed on MT1, LT1 and parallel compressors
Heat recovery (up to two)
Liquid receiver back-up unit
Stainless steel high pressure branch


L 3370 x W 1050 x H 1900 (measurements of the soundproof closed version)

refrigerant charge(s) lbs/kg

It depends on plant's dimension. If you want we can give you the liquid receiver's volume.

Capacity, kW/TR/BTU/hr

MT: from 24 to 94 kw @ -8°C; LT: from 7 to 20 kw @ -33°C

Type, number compressors HP

Semihermetic compressors: MT = 3 (or 2 MT + 1 parallel); LT = 2 or 3

Type of controls

Carel, Danfoss, Dixell, Eliwell, RDM, Wurm, Eckelmann

Type oil separator


Discharge gas desuperheater, subcooling?

Yes for both

Heat reclaim?

Yes, up to 2

VFD for compressors?

Yes, 1st MT compressor, 1st LT compressor, parallel compressor

Type of piping

Copper K65, Copper R220, Stainless steel

Ejectors, Parallel compression?

Yes for both


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