GX Series CO2 Chillers

ATS Japan is taking advantage by providing the semiconductor industry with the first chillers that use CO2 (R744) as a refrigerant. The GX Series high performance green chillers use CO2 and work within a broad operating range (-20C to +70C). ATS manufactures standard and custom engineered products to provide customers with the right solution.

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Key Features and Benefits to ATS GX Series :
High performance Green chiller by most advanced technology of CO2 refrigerant

  • No Freon gas for refrigerant: Uses CO2 GWP=1
  • Energy saving (20% better than MX-20 at -10C idling)
  • Broad operating range (-20C to +70C)
  • High efficiency of cooling system (20L/min, <+20C)
  • Small footprint

Variation Models with Green Mode

  • Minimum process fluid
  • Reduce power consumption at L~M temp zone in Load
  • Minimum cooling water required
  • NO refill cost of Freon gas (in Europe)
  • NO leak check procedure (in Europe)
  • Local tax for Freon gas not concerned

Advanced Thermal Sciences



Number of Channels

Up to 2

Temp Range (deg. C)

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Cooling Capacity

Up to



Pump Capacity

20Lpm @ 58psi
Up to
30Lpm @ 87psi


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