TotalGreEnergy Integrated Rack

The innovative TotalGreEnergy R744-based transcritical booster system has been developed by the engineering team of Biaggini Frigoriferi as an all-in-one refrigerating, air conditioning and heating unit for cold, mild and hot climates. Its unique capacities save up to 30% on energy consumption and provide a compact ready-to-install solution for supermarket applications.

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TotalGreEnergy is a new integrated and green R744 system for outdoor installation from Biaggini Frigoriferi. High certified efficiency, reliablity and excellent performances even with the worst external conditions:

Hot water up to 65°C
Heat pump mode until -15°C
Chiller mode up to +42°C
Free subcooling section
High energy gain
MT and LT compressors
Auxiliary compressors for HVAC
Customizable system
VBOX for outdoor installation with integrated gascooler and evaporator sets
Designed, assembled and commissioned by enterprise with more than 10 years of experience in R744 tech-0 K superheating technology thanks to the electronic management of the system
Expandable size up to 5 fans (5V)
Easy maintenance
Soundproof machine and EC Fans: extremely low noise level. Sound pressure = 29 dB(A) 5 m
Natural and free defrosting system
Strong structure with seismic, IP67 and snow certifications
Plug and Play
Swiss Made
Modulating capacity according to energy requirements


2000 – 6000 mm

Refrigerant charge

50 – 400 kg


15 – 600 kW


2 – 12


Eliwell EWCM 9000 PRO

Oil separator


Discharge gas desuperheater/subcooling


Heat reclaim


VFD for compressors



Cu and stainless steel

Ejectors, parallel compression





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“The system is optimal and has reliable operation. With regards to energy consumption, the trends are certainly positive and equals the Migros Ticini standards. With the free subcooling, the annual energy consumption will be certainly lower than the other installations. For all new stores this [the Total GreEnergy] system could become the new standard.” – Andrea Skory, Technical Manager, Migros Ticino


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