HGX24 CO2 T Compressor

The transcritical CO2 4 cylinder BOCK compressor:

Compact, Reliable, Powerful.

The latest technical advancement of the BOCK HG CO
2 T family is the new transcritical CO2 compressor HGX24 CO2 T.  


The HG CO2 T series is created for flexible use in transcritical applications for supermarkets, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, and heat pumps. The HG CO2 T series also includes the products HGX34 CO2 T and HGX46 CO2 T and offers three transcritical model sizes and 16 displacement stages from 4.6 to 38.2 m3 / h (50 HZ) setting groundbreaking market standards.


The proven BOCK oil pump is available with the whole HG-series and ensures a reliable oil supply under demanding circumstances at low capacities. The CO2 optimized driven gear design combined with the high standard of BOCK compressor technology built the basis for this future-proof compressor.

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The most important customized benefits of HGX24 CO2 T compressor from Bock are: 

  • Lowest energy and operating costs: thanks to more than 25 years expertise in CO2 compressor technology
  • Use for a wide range of applications: HGX24 CO2 T is working for low and high temperature solutions like heat pumps. 
  • Flexible load: partial and full load suitable
  • Cooling capacity range whole CO2 T range: 9-85 kW
  • Heating Capacity whole CO2 T range: 26-182 kW


  • significantly reduced energy and operating costs
  • long service life and low maintenance effort
  • maximum flexibility for stationary or mobile use in all application  and performance ranges
  • low-noise and low-vibration operation
  • compact and lightweight design
  • user comfort: meets customized space requirements and connections, e.g. in supermarkets, heat pumps and air conditioning systems
  • broad operating limits and wide frequency range 
  • optimized efficiency
  • gas-cooled semi-hermetic compressors  
  • highest EER/COP values within their range of applications
  • highest reliability and durability

HGX24 CO2 T – Summary:

Large capacity range

  • Stationary: 5 – 26 kW/10 – 48 kW (Cooling1/heating2 capacity)
  • Mobile: 10 – 43 kW/7 – 35 kW (AC3/heating4 capacity)

1 -10 °C/35 °C (90 bar)/10 K/30– 70 Hz
2 -10 °C/25 °C (80 bar)/10 K/30– 70 Hz
3 +10 °C/40 °C (100 bar)/10 K/30– 70 Hz
4 -20 °C/+25 °C (80 bar)/10 K/30– 70 Hz

Displacement m3/h at 50 Hz

  • CO2 T: 4.6 – 9.4 m3/h (4 capacity stages)
  • CO2 LT: 4.6 – 12.7 m3/h (6 capacity stages)

CO2 -specific pressure design

  • CO2 T: max. (LP/HP) 100/150 bar
  • CO2 LT: max. (LP/HP) 100/100 bar

Frequency range

  • 30 – 70 Hz

Low weight

  • 112 – 116 kg (Including shut-off valves)

Maximum permissible inclination

  • 15° continuous operation
  • 30° short-term

Further benefits of the CO2 Compressor from Bock HGX 24 CO2 T

  • Oil pump for reliable lubrication system with lowest oil carrier over rate
  • Compact dimensions and standard connections

BOCKVAP Bock compressors selection tool VAP – to find suitable compressors and further extensive technical information for stationary and mobile compressor solutions.

BOCKshop  Find the right spare sparts and accessories for Bock compressors of every range and application here.


HGX COT series also includes:




4-12,5 kW / 6-15 HP (motor code)

Compressor type

Semi-hermetic reciprocal



Maximum pressure


Number of cylinders


Displacement range

4,6 – 9,4 m3/h (50 Hz)

Single/Variable speed

Variable: 30-70 Hz

Cooling capacity

9 – 21 kW @ to/tgas_out/toh/f = -10°C/35°C(90 bar)/10K/50 Hz

Discharge gas temp

Depend on operating conditions – on request

Power consumption

Depend on operating conditions – on request




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