HGX44e CO2 4-Cylinder Subcritical Compressor

For a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The BOCK CO2suitable 4-cylinder subcritical compressor range: HGX44e CO2.


The HGX44e CO2 is the latest and biggest compressor of the BOCK subcritical compressor series and uses 4 cylinders, running in capacity stages of 27.7-49.2 m3/h up to 50 Hz. Basically, our subcritical HGX series includes 4 different model sizes with 17 capacity stages from 1.6 to 49.2 m3/h (50 Hz) and cooling capacities from 2.7 till 90 kW.


The BOCK subcritical compressors are ideal for applications like supermarkets or commercial and industrial cooling in general. All our subcritical CO2 compressors are designed for variable speed control and are optimally adapted for the use of natural refrigerant R744. This guarantees a flexible cooling capacity adjustment for different requirements.


The HGX44e CO2 is your tailor-made, cost-saving, reliable and durable partner for nearly the most mobile industrial and commercial R744 applications.

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HGX44e CO2 subcritical compressor

  • Operating pressure of 30/55 bar    
  • Displacement stages of 27.7-49.2m3/h up to 50 Hz 
  • Evaporating temperature at 50 Hz: −35°C
  • Condensing temperature: −5°C, suction gas superheat: 10K, subcooling: 0K
  • Ester oil filling 

Special features

  • High compressor efficiency for lowest operating costs
  • Long-life compressor design
  • Broad limits of application and large frequency range for a wide variety of uses
  • Reliable and safe oil supply through pump lubrication
  • Good operating characteristics with low vibration, pulsations, and low operating noise
  • Pressure relief valves for the suction and pressure area

The subcritical HGX CO2 compressor line is based on the proven BOCK compressor technology, which has been holistically optimized to meet all requirements of CO2 operating conditions. 

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22-30 kW / 15-30 HP (motor code)

Type of compressor

Semi-hermetic reciprocation subcritical



Maximum pressure

LP/HP 30/55 bar

Number of cylinders


Displacement range

27,7 – 49,2 m3/h (50 Hz)

Variable/single speed

Variable: 25-70 Hz

Cooling capacity

51 – 90 kW @ to/tc/toh/f = -35°C/-5°C/10K/50 Hz

Discharge gas temp

Depends on operating conditions – on request

Power consumption

Depends on operating conditions – on request




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