HGX46 CO2 T 6-Cylinder Compressor

HGX46 CO2 T – the biggest one for reliable and powerful CO2 transcritical applications


The latest and so far, biggest CO2 compressor of the BOCK HG family is our HGX46 CO2 T compressor.


The Bock HGX46 CO2 transcritical compressor is available in swept volumes from 24.4 – 38.2 m3/h (50 HZ) and existing in versions S for frequency control and enlarged operational limits, ML for standard cooling and low temperature applications, as well as SH for heat pumps, high evaporation temperatures and with a different oil filling.


HGX46 CO2 offers competitive EER efficiency values in comparison to other products on the cooling market. HGX46/345-4 CO2 with an evaporating temperature of -10° C at 50 Hz, a gas cooler outlet temperature of +35°C/90 bar and a suction gas superheat of 10 K reaches a EER of 1.90. 


For more information about available compressor types see below.

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The HGX46 CO2 compressor series from BOCK is  

  • Efficiency optimized
  • A gas-cooled semi-hermetic compressors series 
  • Achieves the highest EER/COP values within their range of applications
  • Is officially confirmed by ASERCOM (Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers) certification for several displacement stages. 
  • Further advantages of reciprocating compressors: highest reliability and durability

The HG CO2 T-series is designed for medium temperature cooling capacities from 9-85 kW as well as for a heating capacity from 26 – 182 kW.

The HGX46 compressor is available in three different versions:

S-Version: for frequency control and extended applications  range, equipped with more powerful drive motor, oil charge Rensio C85E.

ML-Version: medium and low temperature applications at low and medium evaporating temperatures, oil charge Rensio C85E.

SH-Version: for heat pumps and at high evaporation temperatures, equipped with more powerful drive motor, oil charge Rensio C150E.


BOCKVAP: Bock CO2 compressor selection tool VAP – to find suitable compressors and further extensive technical information for stationary and mobile compressor solutions.

BOCKshop: Find the right spare parts and accessories for Bock compressors of every range and application here.

HGX46 CO2 T series also includes:



30-37 kW / 33-50 HP (motor code)

Type of compressor

Semi-hermetic reciprocation transcritical compressor



Maximum pressure

LP / HP 100 / 150 bar

Number of cylinders


Displacement range

24,4 – 38,2 m3/h (50 Hz)

Single/variable speed

Variable: 20-70 Hz

Cooling capacity

55 – 85 kW @ to/tgas_out/toh/f = -10°C/35°C(90 bar)/10K/50 Hz

Discharge gas temp

Depends on operating conditions – on request.

Power consumption

Depends on operating conditions – on request.



Further info

Dimension: approx. height 365 (369) mm, length 729 (747) mm (including shut off valves)
Max. permissible inclination: 15° continuous operation, 30° short-term (max. 2 min.)


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