Check valves CRCY-P9

The check valves ensure a one-way direction of the refrigerant flow, in refrigerating and air conditioning installations, running with high working pressures.

• They can be mounted on the liquid, suction, discharge or hot gases defrost line, to prevent unwanted return of refrigerant.

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Check valves CRCY-P9 with working pressure 90 bar

• Maximum working pressure : up to 90 bar with CO2 in subcritical and transcritical compression systems.

• The check valves can be installed in all positions.

• They are equipped with an internal pulse absorber piston, with PTFE gasket.

• Pressure drops are negligible.

• Perfect air tightness ensured by a TIG brass weld of the body.

• Thanks to their reduced weight, the check valves CRCY-P9 requires no specific fixing.


HFC; R744

operating pressure

90 bar

operating temperature

-40°C to 140°C




PED 2014/68/EU


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