K65 Fittings

K65 brazed fittings, developed in conjunction with Wieland, enable the simple, safe and economical installation of high pressure refrigeration applications up to 130 bar. The range is particularly suited for use with CO2 (R-744) in transcritical applications as the K65 alloy provides a mechanical strength high enough to withstand the pressure ratings required. 

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K65 brazed fittings from Conex Bänninger are ideal for high pressure ACR applications, delivering a best-in-class pressure rating of up to 130 bar, by utilising the highly pressured CO2 R744 refrigerant. 

The lightweight but extremely durable K65 system has burst pressures in excess of 500 bar, with the fittings easily identifiable by the manufacturer’s mark, as well as the K65 mark and 130 bar (1740 psi) pressure rating. In addition, the material is slightly magnetic and can be easily distinguished from copper by means of a neodymium magnet – a helpful and practical advantage for installers and system builders. The range is available in sizes 3/8” to 2 1/8”.



Operating pressure

130 bar / 13000 kPa / 1885 psi at 150 °C

Operating temperature

-196 °C to 150 °C

UL listed continuous operating temperature

-40 °C to 121 °C


K65, EN CuFe2P CW107C, UNS C19400.


K65 fittings are compatible with tubes manufactured from copper iron alloy EN CuFe2P CW107C, UNS C19400 with the external dimensions and tolerances conforming to EN 12449, EN 12735-1 and ASTM B280.


K65 fittings are UL certified, refrigerant fitting report reference SA44668, approved use for field and factory installations.


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