PX G1300

The PX G1300 makes transition to CO2 refrigeration an easy choice. Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 reduces energy consumption and enables cost-effective, green CO2 refrigeration systems enabling users to meet the future of refrigeration head on.

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Transition to sustainable CO2 refrigeration is accelerating. Regulations to reduce the use of climate-damaging refrigerants is driving a shift to sustainable natural refrigerants, with carbon dioxide (CO2) as the leading choice. CO2 systems present fewer barriers to adoption, however they are often more expensive to operate than traditional refrigeration options with no PX G.

Energy Recovery’s new PX G1300 (PX G) energy recovery device is designed to solve this challenge. The PX G makes the transition to CO2 refrigeration an easy choice, recycling otherwise wasted pressure energy and returning it to the CO2 system. Through this process, the PX G can reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of CO2 refrigeration systems. The PX G can reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of CO2 systems – a huge benefit as many retailers work to green their operations and comply with regulation phasing out HFCs. The warmer it gets, the better the PX G performs. The PX G is designed to “bolt-on” to a CO2 system for straightforward and risk-free installation or it can be designed into your refrigeration system for maximum benefit. Call Energy Recovery today to learn more.

Ambient Temperature

50 – 110°F (10 – 43°C)

System Size

40 KW and higher

Rated Pressure

2,030 PSI (140 bar)


42” (H) X 22” (W) X 12” (L) (106cm X 56cm X 30cm)


278 lbs (126 kg)

Connection Size

1” NPT (2.5cm NPT)

Pressure Exchanger Internal Material


Outer Housing Material

Alloy Steel


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