Heat Pump H600

Fenagy CO2 heat pumps and refrigeration systems have several advantages. Among these are a high COP, wide temperature ranges (supply/return), a small footprint, low noise, and custom-built units, so they match your needs.

An extract of the technical specifications of the H600-AW/WW heat pump.

  • Use CO2 as refrigerant
  • 3 compressors (2 MT compressors and 1 IT compressor)
  • 600 kW heating capacity
  • High COP (3-3.5 tested COP)
  • Fully factory-built, programmed, configured, and tested
  • Welded and robust frame
  • Can be delivered in a soundproofed house with minimal on-site installation
  • Available as an air-to-water or water-to-water heat pump
  • Industrial PLC
  • All required safety equipment, sensors, and instruments
  • Efficient supply of temperatures and capacity

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Mechanical data

Each unit is fully factory-built and comes as an integrated and complete solution with a welded, robust, and painted frame. The Fenagy heat pumps are available as air-to-water (AW) and water-to-water (WW). 


The pipes used on the suction side are Stainless steel AISI304 (80 bar) and on the pressure side Steel P235GH (130 bar). The compressors are from the Dorin CD400 and CD500 series and with inverters on minimum one MT compressor and one IT compressor. Additionally, oil separator, oil management, related valves, receiver, and other vessels are assembled as well. The welded internal heat exchangers are used to optimize the heat pump’s performance. 

The regulation and service valves are made easily accessible and service friendly, and before delivery, pipes and vessels are insulated. The heat pump will be delivered with oil, but not with refrigerant. 

The WW heat pump are assembled with plate heat exchangers and injection valves. The heat exchangers to district heating (excl. pump) are Alfa Laval AXP112

Finally, all required safety equipment, sensors, and instruments are integrated in the delivered heat pump.

Electrical data

As well as being fully assembled, the heat pump will further be programmed, configured, and tested. Fenagy has developed their own control system with a graphical interface. It is an open communication interface with touch screen supporting MODBUS-TCP and PROFINET, among others. This will be tested before delivery. 

Other options available

Air evaporators and base frame, equipment to defrost evaporators, enclosure for the heat pump, and CO2 alarm for machinery room are other available options.

The Fenagy series – H-series and C-series

The H-series contain industrial heat pumps with capacities from 300 kW to 1.800 kW.

The C-series contain industrial refrigeration systems with capacities from 300 kW to 1.500 kW.

Capacity (kW/KBTU/hr)

600 kW

Hot water temp max


Ambient temp range

-15°C to +30°C

COP range


Heating rate (temp in/out)



H: 2.2, L: 4.8 W:1.2 m

Noise level

78 Lp, 1 m (excl. cabinet)





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