COPEL F140/F30/C70

COPEL is the Mayekawa CO2 transcritical air-cooled refrigeration package for small to middle sized frozen/chilled storage facilities and process freezing/cooling in food factories.

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The Mayekawa COPEL air-cooled system is designed for cold storage and production plants that wants to save machine space and water consumption. The capacity of the COPEL has been increased to middle size.

Today, the world is facing the problem of climate change and the demand for energy savings, and the use of low GWP refrigerants, are increasing day by day. The CO2-TC cycle is recognized as having a smaller C.O.P. during the summer season, but it is still higher than several types of air-cooled Freon systems. Nowadays, this system is efficient enough to substitute for existing air-cooled refrigeration packages using Freon. Mayekawa also promotes the CO2-TC system with the COPEL unit, by improving the technology to meet the demands of the customers that wants to save space and water.

Suitable for
・Cold storage (Freezing, Chilled)
・Cargo handling rooms
・Process freezing
・Ice cream plants
・Margarine plants
・CO2 liquefaction plants



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