NewTon R/C/F/S

The NewTon from Mayekawa is an industrial use refrigeration system with a lifespan of several decades. Because you will rely on this equipment for a long time, it must always live up to your expectations.


NewTon was based on the concepts of natural refrigerants, energy saving, and ease of use. We at Mayekawa drew on all the technologies that we had developed. Also NewTon has been the “Highest C.O.P. system” for decades.

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The Mayekawa NewTon is developed to counter the global warming impacts of the industrial refrigeration field. It is is a highly efficient non-freon refrigeration system that uses natural refrigerants.

Refrigeration compressor manufacturer Mayekawa employs the latest technologies in all of its compressor with IPM (Interior permanent magnet) motor, heat exchangers, and controllers.

Highly energy efficient, the NewTon reduces the power consumption of the entire system, thus contributing to the reduction of energy-derived CO2.

Additionally, there is a rich lineup of NewTon products that have been designed to always operate efficiently in line with customer needs from freezer warehouses, cold storages, loading rooms, freezers, vacuum freezing, soil freezing, skating rinks and ice making.”

・Cold storage
・Ice making plant
・Frozen, chilled food
・Ice arena

NewTon C

Cooling capacity*: 119.1 to 237.0kW
Room temperature: 5 to -10℃

NewTon R

Cooling capacity*: 94.7 to 270.0kW
Room temperature: -20 to -30℃

NewTon F

Cooling capacity*: 70 to 170kW
Room temperature: -30 to -40℃

NewTon S

Cooling capacity*: 185kW
Room temperature: -3 to -5℃


Primary ammonia (R717)
Secondary CO2 (R744)


Remote monitoring


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