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HXSim “Small Diameter Copper Tube Air Conditioning Heat Exchanger Simulation Tool” Version 3.3 is a new design and simulation software for heat exchangers that use small-diameter MicroGroove tubes. This powerful software tool was developed at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) under the leadership of Professor Guoliang Ding at the Institute of Refrigeration & Cryogenics. Refrigerant choices include R744 and R290 as well as conventional refrigerants for comparison. The software is equipped with an “easy-to-understand” graphic user interface, which can provide both graphical and table format results. The results can be delivered in both 2D and 3D formats. For links to download the HXSim software program and guide, visit www.microgroove.net/HXSim

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HXSim 3.3 can be used to simulate the performance of various types of heat exchanger blocks. It can calculate heat exchanger capacity, air-side pressure-drop, and refrigerant-side pressure-drop. The outer diameter of MicroGroove tubes and tube wall thickness as well as the inside-the-tube enhancements can also be varied.

Users can design sophisticated heat-exchanger blocks and simulate their performance. The graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to enter data and observe simulation ‎results. The three main “Types” ‎of heat exchanger blocks are the I-Type, L-Type and C-Type, corresponding to the shapes of the ‎letters I, L and C, respectively. Users can vary the refrigerant, the tube size, fin design and tube circuitry as well ‎as many other parameters. Row spacing and the column numbers can be input for the tube ‎locations, the fin type selected, and data can be entered on the joints.

MicroGroove tubes are smaller-diameter copper tubes that can be used to create heat exchanger coils suitable for use in commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration products. They can handle pressures up to 120Bar (1740 psi) in CO2 (R744) gas coolers.

Interested users can download and run the software. Upon registering with their name and email address, a free activation code will subsequently be emailed to them, courtesy of the International Copper Association. The software can be downloaded from the Microgroove website here. www.microgroove.net/HXSim



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