4HP Outdoor Condensing Unit

A new 4HP CO2 outdoor condensing unit (OCU) from Panasonic designed for use in medium temperature applications. It is suitable for commercial and small industrial applications (showcase + cold rooms). Multiple-evaporator installation is possible.

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Panasonic has developed a new 4HP CO2 outdoor condensing unit (OCU) designed for use in Europe. The 4HP CO2 condensing unit (OCU-CR400VF8) is a 7.5kW (2.1TR) medium-temperature system (evaporating temperatures -20°C/-4°F to -5°C/23°F) with a heat-recovery port. It operates at ambient temperatures between -15°C (5°F) and 43°C (109°F). View more product details in the official product brochure here.


H948 x W1,142 x D586 mm

Refrigerant charge

Max. gas load (recommended) = 8.0 kg (inner receiver included)


Voltage: 3P 400V
Evaporating temperature: -20°C to -5°C
With ambient temperature = +32°C and evaporating temperature = -10°C: 7.12 kW

Type/number of compressors

Two-stage rotary compressor
Manufacturer: PANASONIC
Nb per unit: 1
Rotational speed (RPS): 40s-1 to 80s-1

Type of controls

RS485 modbus connectivity
Compatibility confirmed with CAREL, DANFOSS, DIXELL, ELI-WELL, RDM and WURM

Type of oil separator

Oil separator included (with 550ml of oil)

Discharge gas desuperheater/ subcooling?

No subcooler

Heat reclaim


Fixed/variable speed compressor

Variable speed compressor, with inverter technology

Type of piping

Suction line: 12.7mm (outer diameter welding)
Liquid line: 9.52mm (outer diameter welding)

Ejectors, parallel compression



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All major certifications, like CE, are confirmed
Any specific request, please contact your local Panasonic office


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