PKE – CO2 Gas Cooler

The PKE CO2 Gas Cooler with axial fan motors are suitable in a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning applications. They are supplied charged with dry air at 2 bars and 2.1 mm fin spacing for the entire range.

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The casing of the Modine PKE range is completely made from prepainted galvanized metal sheets. All models are equipped with a special soundproof compartment to accommodate the compressor (not supplied). Given the particular structure of this space quiet operation is ensured. 

PKE Capacity Range

  • Air-cooled condensers: From 40,8 to 260 kW

External rotor-type axial fan motors employed with the following features: 

  • Ø 630 mm three-phase 400V/3/50-60Hz with epoxy-coated steel fan guard
  • 4 – 6 – 8 – 12 poles;
  • IP 54 protection grade; 
  • Class F insulation; 
  • Internal thermal contact protection. 

The optional highly efficient EC fan motors have the following features: 

  • IP 54 protection grade; 
  • Class B insulation; 
  • Built-in electronic protection; 
  • Speed regulator with the 0-10V signal; 
  • Additional speed regulator with MODBUS system; in
  • min / max operating temperature –25/60 °C. 

The fan motors and casework are predisposed for grounding.
On request, the models can be equipped with non-standard coils and fan motors.

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