PROGreen Solutions CO2 Chiller

These one-of-a-kind chillers use R744 (CO2), a natural refrigerant that has zero impact on global warming or greenhouse gas emissions. Improved heat reclaim can also eliminate the need for fossil fuel sourced heating at a facility near the chiller. PROGreen Solutions CO2 chillers are an engineered long-term solution designed to be repaired, updated, and improved upon as technologies improve.

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The PROGreen Solutions team is focused on shifting away from synthetic, chemical-based refrigerants to natural solutions like CO2 which eliminates our impact on global warming without sacrificing operating efficiency.

Chiller Series:

  • 100HP – Parallel 50HP Bitzer R744 compressors
  • 750 gallon dual-chamber coolant storage vessel with external site tube and digital thermometer
  • V Series gas coolers with 304 SS-tube / AL-finned coils
  • EC rated fan motors that ramp up and down to control pressures
  • Onboard heat recovery generating 180ºF hot potable water supply
  • Boxed steel frame outfitted with Conex corners for rigging, loading, and leveling.
  • Process pump supplied with variable frequency drive
  • Standby/backup SS circulation pump
  • Standby/backup SS process pump
  • Stainless steel service panels
  • Danfoss refrigeration control with full electronic controls
  • Electronic glycol percentage tester
  • Panel-mount touchscreen interface
  • PROElliot Cold Chain Verification integration
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