Transcritical CO2 rack

Transcritical CO2 refrigeration racks are a solution to cover most of refrigeration needs – it provides medium or/and low temperature refrigeration and heating. It is a perfect option for commercial applications – from small stores to supermarkets or warehouses. CO2 refrigeration racks by Refra can be customized according to customer needs and can be integrated with building management system, which makes refrigeration system easy to monitor and control.

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The customizable CO2 transcritical rack from Refra is designed mainly for commercial industry, but due to the many available options it can be adapted for industrial use too. The cooling capacity of this product ranges from 50kW to 500kW, meaning that it can be designed for various applications. The transcritical CO2 rack from Refra can be designed on various steel frames – from a small or narrow welded frame to a large walk-in container. Racks can be assembled with maximum of 6 reciprocating compressors per stage (MT/LT). A Special “reach-in” container option for outdoor installation provides convenient and efficient unit service.

These rack systems are designed with reliable refrigeration technologies that are well tested and proven in the market. Based on Carel HECU system for complete management of condensing units fitted with BLDC compressors, this product can be adjusted remotely. The serial connection between the unit and the evaporators controlled by MPXPRO contributes to the energy efficiency and reliability of the entire system. The built-in plug and play interface provides the ability to install and set up the unit extremely quickly and easily.

This unit is a part of Refra‘s environmentally friendly product group, as they are made using CO2 refrigerant. Such low GWP solutions are designed to have better efficiencies and capacities, as well as less environmental damage.

Please note, that this product can be fully customized according to the needs of a customer.


Based on customer request.

Frame type

Welded frame, made of powder coated galvanised steel or a special walk-in container.


From 50kW up to 1500kW


Reciprocating or scroll compressors

Frequency inverter

On lead compressor.


Danfoss or Carel

Oil separator

High performance separation chamber + coalescent filter.


Copper, stainless steel


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Dual high pressure and flash gas valves.


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