Transcritical racks

Transcritical CO2 refrigeration racks are a solution to cover most of refrigeration needs – it provides medium or/and low temperature refrigeration and heating. It is a perfect option for commercial applications – from small stores to supermarkets or warehouses. CO2 refrigeration racks by Refra can be customized according to customer needs and can be integrated with building management system, which makes refrigeration system easy to monitor and control.

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Refra‘s range of CO2 transcritical boosters consists of two compact frame types and a standard customizable frame that suits customer needs:

CO2 Light 

Smallest and lightest type is called “Light”. It can be up to 50 kW of refrigeration capacity split between medium temperature and low temperature refrigeration. Enclosure limits the system to 3 compressors. It can be either 2 (MT) + 1 (LT) or 3 (MT) + 0 (LT) configuration. 

  • Compact and light frame
  • Up to 3 compressors (50 kW of MT and LT refrigeration capacity)
  • Up to 50 L receiver
  • Outdoor installation

CO2 Vertical

Second of compact frame type is called “Vertical”. This is because of its design of being built upwards to reduce the footprint, but maintain the same composition of elements as the Refra standard customizable CO2 booster. This type of frame can be used for up to 4 compressors and provide up to 100 kW of refrigeration capacity. Configuration can be: 4 + 0, 3 + 1 or 2 + 2 compressors, medium temperature and low temperature respectively. 

  • Compact and robust frame
  • Up to 4 compressors (100 kW of MT and LT refrigeration capacity)
  • Up to 75 L receiver
  • Option for outdoor installation 

CO2 Select

Standard customizable CO2 transcritical booster rack can be as small or as big as required. This kind of product can be used for most types of supermarkets, other commercial application or industrial applications. It is built on a rigid frame, designed for easy maintenance and durability. Refrigeration capacity provided can be from 50 kW to 1 MW or more. 

Customization of products doesn’t end with refrigeration capacity of compressor amount changes. Technologies like parallel compression, liquid injection, optimization with internal heat exchangers, different capacity regulation solution etc. can be implemented and adapted for each individual rack Refra builds. Different control systems are available, like Danfoss or Carel. 

  • Robust frame designed individually
  • Delivers the refrigeration capacity that is required (MT and LT)
  • Option for multiple receivers
  • Option for outdoor installation as a “Reach-In” type or a container solution

1200x800x2100 or 2300

Frame type

Various frame types: light or robust


From 50kW up to 1500 kW


From 75L up to 200 L, multiple

Compressor type and number

Reciprocating compressors

Frequency inverter

Various options


Danfoss or Carel

Oil separator

High performance coalescent oil separator or combined oil separator


Copper, stainless steel




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