• CO2 multi compressor unit up to 960 kW
  • Industry / Food production / Logistics
  • Trans- & subcritical application
  • 4-10 MT / 0-6 LT incl. frequency converter per lead compressor & pressure level
  • Heat recovery / Heat pump / AC function
  • Parallel compression / Ejector / TEKO patent EVALIFT / TEKOJET
  • Receiver volume 250 / (2x)420 L
  • Active liquid subcooling
  • Subcooling plate heat exchanger for gas cooler
  • Custom-made technology – absolute flexibility
  • Control systems – Wurm / Danfoss / Carel

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TEKO ROXSTAindustrial meets the demands of the industry, food production and logistics perfectly. The transcritical CO2 booster provides a high level of flexibility in order to satisfy customer needs and completely meet the demands within the kinds of use.


(t0 MT -5 °C / t0 LT -30 °C / tGC 38 °C)

  • Medium temperature 390…960 kW
    4-10 transcritical CO2 compressors
  • Low temperature 0…590 kW
    0-6 subcritical CO2 compressors

Superheat plates heat exchangers for flash and suction gas

Increase in the flash and suction gas temperatures for a safe and stable unit operation.

Active liquid subcooling

For longer piping paths or bigger height differences within the piping network, the TEKO ROXSTAindustrial series contains active subcooling of the refrigerant. The differences in temperature within a unit are reduced, the behaviour of the unit also remains stable when distances are longer.

Subcooling plate heat exchanger for gas cooler

For attachment of an exterior chiller. Especially in southern countries, the additional cooling of the refrigeration circuit can keep a transcritical unit energetically stable. In doing so, sensitive products are protected.


8,300 x 1,300 x 2,300 mm (other dimensions depending on model/version)

refrigerant charge(s) lbs/kg

250 / 420 / 2×420 L

Capacity, kW/TR/BTU/hr

MT 390…960 kW / LT 0…590 kW (t0 MT -5 °C / t0 LT -30 °C / tGC 38 °C)

type, number compressors HP

MT 4-10 transcritical CO2 compressors / LT 0-6 subcritical CO2 compressors

type of controls

Wurm Systems / Danfoss / Carel

type oil separator


discharge gas desuperheater, subcooling?

Desuperheater / Active liquid subcooling

heat reclaim?

Heat recovery COOL2HEAT

VFD for compressors?

Frequency converter per lead compressor

type of piping


ejectors, parallel compression?

Parallel compression / Ejectors / EVALIFT & TEKOJET for efficiency enhancement


TÜV Süd according to Pressure Equipent Directive 2014/68/EU Annex III, Module D


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