Originally established in 2006, the new and improved R744.com offers a trusted source for the latest CO2 products, services and news from around the world with a key feature being the new marketplace.

“We have identified a clear need in the market for credible, trusted and independent information around CO2 technology and applications. Especially as more and more players across applications and geographies become engaged in this market sector,” explains shecco CEO and R744.com founder, Marc Chasserot.

“We can clearly see that CO2 will be a dominant refrigerant in the decade ahead,” Chasserot continues. He predicts that the 2020s will see a huge increase in the uptake of CO2 systems globally; something that already started in the previous decade. This has created a definite need for a credible source of information on CO2 – a need that the new R744.com is uniquely positioned to meet.

The relaunched R744.com is not starting from zero; it has already established itself as a reliable source around natural refrigerants since 2006, generating millions of page views and inspiring many innovators over those years.

“We have identified a clear need in the market for credible, trusted and independent information around CO2 technology and applications”

-Marc Chasserot, shecco

“For the past 15 years R744.com has been my go-to resource for valuable and accurate information of any, and all, R744-related products and supporting material,” says Wynand Groenewald, Founder, Future Green Now (Formerly Head of Engineering, CRS). “The website connected me to various industry leaders and was the foundation on which I based my career within CO2 refrigeration solutions!”

In addition to the latest CO2 news and information about the site’s partners, the revamped R744.com includes a store where users can browse all available products, and filter for a wide variety of criteria, including components and services. It is also possible to narrow your search to include only products available in your home region, making it easier to find the best local options.

R744.com’s typical readers are some of the most influential decision makers in the industry: from end-users, media, and government, to manufacturers and academia. Its global reach spans 100+ countries and extends from leading markets such as Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia, to emerging markets such as Latin America, China, and South Africa.

The site covers all CO2 applications, from air-conditioning and refrigeration to heat pumps, mobile AC and beyond. “This website will become a key tool for end users to empower and educate themselves around the best available CO2 products and services on the market,” says Chasserot.

German wholesale giant METRO is but one of R744.com’s loyal readers. “For METRO, the road leads only to NatRefs and we are focused on converting to CO2 refrigerant in our cooling systems. R744.com is supporting us on this path with much appreciated information about best practices, new technology, devices and tools,” says end user Olaf Schulze, Energy Management/ Real Estate Sustainability, METRO.

Coming soon

In the road map for developing the R744 CO2 cooling marketplace, shecco has a number of key elements in store for the coming months. In May, they will launch a revolutionary new feature for the products on R744.com where users will be able to submit comments and reviews, comparing products by ranking and rating them. This proposed user-friendly yet quality-assured ranking, rating, and review system for products is something only an independent marketplace can do. Watch this space!