compact Kältetechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of customised refrigeration units situated in Dresden, Germany. The company is mainly active in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration and handles natural refrigerants R744 (CO2) and R717 (NH3, ammonia).

compact produces compressor rack, heat pumps and complete refrigeration units including subcritical CO2 cascade systems and transcritical booster systems, designed and manufactured to fit seamlessly with the required technical equipment.

Products of interest:

  • Compressor units: reciprocating, screw compressors, scroll compressors
  • Special compressor units
  • Liquid cooling systems
  • Heat pumps

compact Kältetechnik has been utilising CO2 for over 10 years now and since then the European CO2 market has grown at a velocity no one expected- is a great platform and community to be part of. Next to our “standard” CO2 machines we want to showcase what can be manufactured and customised beyond the mainstream,” 

Dirk Leuteritz, Project Planning and Sales at compact Kältetechnik.

CO2 training for contractors

One of the shortfalls of CO2 refrigeration technology-implementation is the underdevelopment of CO2 training programs. Carbon dioxide, although low-toxicity and low-GWP (global warming potential), operates at a higher pressure than fluorocarbons and other refrigerants, and requires specialist knowledge.

Reiterated at the ATMOsphere Europe 2015 conference for natural refrigerants held in Brussels, training is still one of the major challenges in this ascending industry. More and more system manufactures have responded to this call, offering courses in their own facilities or laboratories, some simulating supermarket environments.

compact Kältetechnik offers one to two day CO2 training courses for contractors, designers and service technicians, also suitable for those with no prior knowledge of R744. Courses are held in German at the company’s Dresden location.

Topics covered include:

  • Basics of R744 and a comparison with conventional refrigerants
  • Design, maintenance and service of CO2 subcritical systems
  • Practice at the cascade system / handling of CO2
  • Transcritical CO2 systems and heat recovery
  • Practice at the booster system
  • General safety issues

Contact the company moderator for more information or special requests. Or visit for registration.

About compact Kältetechnik

With its origins as a manufacturer of tailor-made refrigeration units since 1992, compact Kältetechnik has continuously grown and expanded its manufacturing facilities to satisfy the demands of its clients. The company operates in a newer 3,500 mfacility in Dresden, as well as in a second location in Scharfenstein, where its compressor racks are mounted. Compact prides itself on having a forward-thinking strategy, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in refrigerants and technology.

The compact product range is in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards, carried through by the competence of skilled employees and rigorous inspection, as well as to inspection by external auditors TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH.


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