Sweden-based EKA specialises in refrigeration engineering with a focus on CO2 technology. With projects including Europe’s first full CO2 ice arena to ‘Project Stoppsladd’, realised on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency (whose objective is to reduce energy use in ice rinks), EKA services both the private and public sectors in Europe and North America.

Energy analysis, research & development

EKA performs studies and analysis of energy systems to improve cost and energy efficiency. With regard to energy efficiency in ice arenas, a typical arena purchases around 1,000 MWh per year. In most cases the saving potential is 20-40%; EKA handles parts of or the whole energy saving process.

With broad expertise and extensive experience in refrigeration technology and energy efficiency, EKA accepts assignments in research as well as in product development. The company designs, tests (laboratory or field) and evaluates energy consumption in refrigeration systems.

“EKA strongly believes in the future of natural refrigerants – the world needs to learn from history – not to implement synthetic refrigerants once again. R744.com has an important role to play in distributing this message and communicating all hard facts related to success stories around the world,” said Jörgen Rogstam, the company’s vice-president and managing director.

Technical expertisecourses and training

EKA develops and performs customised training programmes and courses in areas such as CO2 refrigeration technologies and energy efficient operation of ice rinks.

Moreover, EKA has several references, both nationally and internationally, in the role of experts in legal disputes on technical matters.

Public research

EKA has also completed several projects as a project manager or partner in research projects, on behalf of entities such as the Swedish Energy Agency, Dalarna County Administrative Board and Kylbranschens Samarbetsstiftelse (KYS) – a foundation for the Swedish refrigeration industry.


EKA was founded in Stockholm in 2010 with the business idea to deliver qualified engineering services in the refrigeration field. EKA’s firm belief is that energy saving and natural refrigerants are the future for the world and forthcoming generations.

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