U.S. component manufacturer Westermeyer Industries has joined some of the world’s foremost CO2 (R744) refrigeration manufacturers as a silver partner on the R744.com marketplace.

Illinois-based Westermeyer caters to commercial and industrial applications with oil separators (conventional, centrifugal and coalescing) and oil reservoirs, as well as oil filters, liquid receivers, accumulators, condensers and DX chillers. Its product offerings include transcritical CO2 (R744) oil separators.

The company offers complete design services and custom components to fit unique system specifications, as well as a standard offering of catalog components.

Westermeyer’s product lines are manufactured in accordance with industry standards and have several certifications, including ASME, UL, PED and CRN, for applicable products. Products are pneumatically tested in-house using nitrogen to validate product quality.

“We strive to be component and accessory problem-solvers,” Westermeyer said. “Our goal is to enhance product efficiencies and increase reliability, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve existing products, along with the research and development of new designs.”

Some of the causes dear to Westermeyer’s heart are maintaining good-quality oil management and addressing longstanding oil management issues by creating awareness about them. For example, Sales Manager Adam Chapman spoke to HVACRadio podcast in January 2021 about adjustable oil regulators.

“Those things are the bane of my existence,” Chapman said. “Let’s go with fixed-level [oil regulators] and stop messing around with adjustment mechanisms. People get in and adjust those things, and all bets are off.”

Chapman also explained that while coalescent oil separators are justifiably seen as very efficient, that only remains true if they are sized properly according to the system cooling load. If they are sized correctly, they are pretty much “bulletproof with regards to oil separation and removing contaminants from the system.”

However, for a contractor or an end user having system problems, adding extra oil, or even installing a coalescing oil separator, is not the fix-all solution. Without a properly operated system, one won’t get higher efficiency out of the coalescing unit, Chapman noted.

“We strive to be component and accessory problem-solvers”

Westermeyer Industries

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