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Trader Joe’s settlement to boost CO2 uptake

Trader Joe’s has formally settled with the U.S. Department of Justice for having violated the Clean Air Act by failing to promptly repair leaks of R22, an ozone-depleting HCFC substance and potent greenhouse gas used as a coolant in refrigerators.

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R744.com welcomes HAELOK as new Bronze Partner

HAELOK Swiss Precision manufactures one of the world’s strongest mechanical pipe connections. The company is partnering with R744.com to get the word out to the natural refrigerant market about this innovative product.

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New programme lets grocers earn carbon credits for natrefs

San Francisco-based EOS Climate has expanded its carbon-credits programme to allow supermarkets to earn carbon credits by installing newly manufactured, advanced refrigeration systems – such as natural refrigerant solutions – either as complete replacements of HCFC- or HFC-based equipment, or as installations in new facilities.

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Hillphoenix’s transcritical units prove mettle in California desert

Hillphoenix, the Conyers, Georgia, US-based OEM that has installed transcritical CO2 booster systems in about 150 food stores in North America, is making the argument that this refrigeration technology is a viable solution “across the [U.S.],” including “very warm climates,” said Dustan Atkinson, Hillphoenix’s manager of product strategy.

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