HVAC&R professionals from across Europe and beyond gathered in Barcelona last week (19-20 April) to discuss new developments in the natural refrigerants market.

Our reporters were on site to ensure that you don’t miss a thing!

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Training on natural refrigerants is key, say European regulators
During the ATMOsphere Europe 2016 conference in Barcelona, Spain, policy experts outlined the latest regulatory developments in Europe and beyond. Training of technicians was highlighted as a key activity to support the uptake of natural refrigerants in Europe.

CO2 systems for warmer climates take centre stage at ATMO Europe
CO2 refrigeration systems for warmer southern European climates were on the radar at the ATMOsphere Europe conference in Barcelona last week, with manufacturers showcasing high-efficiency solutions capable of transcending the so-called ‘CO2 equator’.

Green & Cool launch new CO2 condensing unit at ATMOsphere Europe
Swedish manufacturer Green & Cool launched its new condensing unit for CO2 systems at the ATMOsphere Europe conference in Barcelona, targeting small-scale applications like convenience stores and petrol stations.

ExxonMobil launches new lubricant for refrigeration compressors at ATMO Europe
ExxonMobil, a global producer of finished lubricants launched its new synthetic oil for CO2-cooled industrial refrigeration applications at today’s (19 April) ATMOsphere Europe conference on natural refrigerants in Barcelona, Spain.

CAREL, Carrier join forces to tackle ‘CO2 equator’
HVAC&R firms CAREL and Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe have joined forces to develop and industrialise a range of modulating ejectors in a bid to put an end to the so-called ‘CO2 equator’: the previously accepted geographical limit for cost-effective construction of CO2 systems in all food retail store formats.

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