Italian-based Refrigera Industriale S.r.l. launched new CO2 valves that can withstand the high pressures of transcritical systems at the AHR Expo in Chicago, IL.

Refrigera’s new ball valve uses stainless steel with a K65 connection. “This product was developed for the U.S. market to meet the requirements of the UL certification [a U.S. safety body],” Gabriele Bertossi from Refrigera told

The valve can be used in transcritical installations safely. “The pressure is very high; we’re talking 150 bars,” Bertossi said. 

The company has also launched a new strainer valve with stainless steel and K65, and a V-port valve.

The V shape allows for better control of the refrigerant, according to Bertossi, “so if you open the valve at 60% you will have 60% flow rate [from] the valve”.

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