Refrigera, an Italian component manufacturer, has introduced a three-way, stainless-steel valve for transcritical CO2 systems designed to be large enough to fit industrial-scale systems.

The DM 50 valve is approximately 54 mm in diameter and rated 130 bar for high-pressure CO2 applications, said Gianantonio Polese, design and quality manager for Refrigera, at the company’s Chillventa 2016 booth. The valve has been tested by Intertek, he added.

“Every year [transcritical] systems have bigger capacity,” said Polese, in explaining the need for larger-diameter valves.

Designed for European distribution, the valve will probably be brought to the U.S. next year, said Polese. “The USA is ready for natural refrigerants, and is proving that every year.”

“The USA is ready for natural refrigerants, and is proving that every year.

Gianantonio Polese, Refrigera

Refrigera also had on display a new 54-mm diameter two-way valve with K65 copper-iron connections. “This is useful where [stainless-steel] TIG welding is not available,” said Polese.

Refrigera also showcased a new high-pressure filter for transcritical CO2 applications.

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