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NEXT Series: Natural refrigerants ‘the only solutions for long-term investment’ – Systemes LMP

While the synthetic refrigerant market might “aggressively” develop new solutions, natural refrigerants are the only long-term alternative to HFCs because they are the only substances that will not be subjected to phase-out programmes, argues Jeffrey Gingras, president of Systemes LMP. The Canadian refrigeration equipment manufacturer promises groundbreaking solutions for 2016.

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Festive Special: Read the very best of from 2015

2015 has been an eventful year for natural refrigerants. Here at, with Christmas dinner in the oven and Santa Claus about to set off on his merry way, it’s time to take stock of the past year, and naturally (pun intended!) to look back at the highlights of R744 refrigerant news in 2015 – from promising new policy developments and exciting events to cutting-edge technology advancements. Pull up a chair by the fireside and relive the best bits of Everything R744 in 201

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CO2 and hydrocarbons catching on at Seafood Expo Global 2015

At the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels from April 20-22, German manufacturer Ziegra showcased its industrial and commercial ice machines using CO2 and hydrocarbons respectively, but questioned the 150-gram charge limit leaving a gap in their product range. Working with Skaginn, Icelandic manufacturer FROST, who traditionally use ammonia in their refrigeration systems for fish processing, are also looking into CO2 as a viable industrial solution.

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