Tucker Fresh IGA Carine, a recently renovated supermarket in Perth, Australia, has installed an Eco2Large transcritical CO2 (R744) system from Italian OEM Epta, according to Australian contractor AJ Baker & Sons’ website.

AJ Baker & Sons did the installation for the store, which opened last October.

“The store chose the energy-saving Epta Eco2Large with soundproof housing,” the contractor said. Meat, dairy and fresh produce cool rooms as well as freezer rooms were also installed in the back of the store, including a Carel Boss Control & Alarm System.

This Eco2Large system was coupled with Epta’s FTE 2.0 (Full Transcritical Efficiency) for enhanced energy performance in all climates, and with ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency) technology to reduce energy consumption further in high ambient temperature.

The company also carried out the installation of Epta’s Eco2Small transcritical CO2 system at a FreshPlus store in Craigieburn, a northern suburb of Melbourne in 2019.

AJ Baker & Sons said it had installed transcritical CO2 systems at 26 stores across Australia by the end of 2019, starting in April 2014. The company has also partnered with the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) South Australia training academy to develop virtual reality content for a hydrocarbon refrigerant training module.

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