The company’s foray into the CO2 transcritical market is a welcome one with the ROXSTA following on from TEKO’s CO2 cascade system and years of experience producing carbon dioxide, ammonia and propane refrigeration components and rack units.

A modular booster system, the ROXSTA is available as an integrated system and incorporates Teko’s customised COOL2HEATbasic system for heating water and optimal heat waste recovery. 

With a cooling capacity from 2.6-345 kW, the unit also affords greater efficiency via parallel compression, and is equipped with TEKO’s WURM HCO2 control technology, providing three levels of control: high and medium pressure and gas cooler fan.

The unit is modular, compact and easy on space. Designed for access on all four sides by a pallet truck, the rack is easy to transport and requires minimal installation work.

Key benefits

– Advanced heat recovery system
– Sophisticated WURM CO2 control technology
– Service/installation friendly
– Compact ‘all-in-one’ unit
– Optimal efficiency/space utilisation
– Completely tested and CE-compliant

COOL2HEATbasic system – optimal heat waste recovery

With single and double plate heat exchangers for heating water generation the unit converts what would otherwise be heat waste to run at optimal efficiency. This feature is perfect for typical heating water systems or for heating of drinking water – with or without a safety circuit. 

Test and training centre

Since 2007 TEKO has been uniting theory and practice with its in-house training centre, which includes a test supermarket. Catered specifically for mechatronics, project engineers, equipment operators and engineers, the team provides on and off-premises training for sub and transcritical cycles, cascade connections, as well as its new ROXSTA CO2 booster system.

Partly funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (CO2 booster system), the training centre provides a platform for hands-on practical training, installation guidance and maintenance as part of its long-term environmental and efficiency strategy.

About TEKO

TEKO is committed to using quality products and components made in Germany, continuously optimising technology, sophisticated engineering, coordinated construction and functionality.

More than 40 technicians and engineers across Europe produce and test over 5000 rack units per year in efficient quality processes. TEKO’s consistent test methodology results in tailored solutions for tens of thousands of applications in the areas of food retail, commercial, industrial, medical, and transport refrigeration. 

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