Japanese OEM Sanden exhibited a new 10HP COoutdoor condensing unit last month at the Supermarket Trade Show (SMTS) 2020 exhibition.

The SMTS was held in Chiba, Japan, from February 12 to 14.

The 10HP unit is Sanden’s largest-HP model in its lineup of outdoor CO2 condensing units, which include small (2HP)- and medium-sized (6HP) systems with cooling capacities of 3kW (0.85TR) and 10kW (2.84TR), respectively. 

The 10HP system’s cooling capactity is under review. A release date has not yet been determined. 

All three COunits have an evaporating temperature of -5°C (23°F) and ambient temperature operating range of -25° to 43°C(-13° to 109°F)

Sanden has long been a major designer and manufacturer of CO2-based technology for commercial refrigeration equipment, vending machines, residential heat pumps and automotive air-conditioning systems for both the domestic and foreign markets. The CO2 condensing units are commonly used in small retail stores.

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