German-based SANHA, a European manufacturer specializing in piping systems for domestic and industrial applications, has joined the world’s leading CO2 (R744)-based HVAC&R stakeholders as a bronze partner of the marketplace.

The company manufactures copper-iron high-pressure solder fittings suited for transcritical CO2 cooling and refrigeration systems with a maximum permissible operating pressure of up to 130bar (1,886psi) and operating temperatures ranging from −196 to 150°C (−320.8 to 302°F).

“The RefHP [Series 29000] high-pressure fittings have been specially designed for such operating pressures based on our decades of experience in the field of solder and end feed fittings,” SANHA says on its product webpage.

The fittings ‒ produced at the company’s plant in Ternat, Belgium, and suitable for commercial and industrial HVAC&R systems ‒ range in size up to 2⅝in (66.6mm) and include bends, couplings, end caps, reducers and tees. Transition fittings are also available in metric sizes.

SANHA reports that the fittings ‒ compatible with all four copper-iron pipes on the market, including those from KME, Halcor, Mueller Streamline and Wieland ‒ carry Polish (KDWU), Russian (RMROS) and American (UL) certificates. In addition, the products meet the installation requirements set by the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Leading development, unrivaled tightness

According to SANHA, a growing demand for transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems led the company to introduce a 2⅝in model of its copper-iron fittings in 2020.

“[CO2] installations are getting bigger, and the demand for more cooling capacity is increasing, which automatically led to the demand for the specific size 2⅝in,” said Mathias Van den Broeck, SANHA’s Director of Product Management and Business development.

At the time, creating fittings with such “enormous” wall thickness was not technically easy, according to Nicolas Verspecht, Product Manager at SANHA.

In May 2022, SANHA introduced its Streamline ACR Copper Press fittings (Series 32000), with two sealing rings for HVAC&R, heat pumps, variable refrigerant volume and variable refrigerant flow applications for pressures up to 48bar (696psi). SANHA partnered with Streamline on the piping system’s development.

“The precisely aligned distance between the sealing rings creates a trap zone that provides additional protection against leakage,” SANHA says on its product webpage. The double seal produces a tightness “unrivaled” in the market, according to the company.

“We are often seen as technical pioneers in our business [because] we produce our production tools, machinery and product ourselves,” says Geert Van den Abbeele, Managing Director at SANHA, in a company YouTube video.

Founded in 1964, SANHA operates four production plants providing press-fit pipe systems for cooling, drinking water, gas, solar, heating and sanitary applications. The company reports products installed in Asia, Australia and Europe, including Russia, with approximately 10,000 items across its product range.