Sanhua ‒ a global provider of HVAC&R controls and components ‒ is expanding its product lines for CO2 (R744) applications and now offers a four-way reversing valve for CO2 systems rated for 140bar (2,031psi).

“This is brand new for us, and people are asking for it,” said Dennis Jones, Strategic Account Manager at Sanhua, in an interview at the Food Industry Association (FMI) Energy and Store Development Conference. The event was held in Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.), October 2‒4.

“Four-way reversing valves are applicable for heat pump systems such as central, unitary and room air conditioners to realize switching between cooling mode and heating mode by changing the refrigerant flow path,” the company says on the product page.

In CO2 applications, the valve provides an “easy” way to redirect the refrigerant flow to a gas cooler or a heat reclaim unit, Jones noted.

Another new CO2 product Sanhua displayed at the FMI conference was its GZJA sub-assembly series ball valve with bypass check valve for use in subcritical R744 systems, with its CBVT ball valve rated for 140bar and the bypass check valve for 90bar (1,305psi).

“[This assembly], used in commercial CO2 refrigeration applications, isolates a specific part or component present in the system, with a typical application isolating the evaporator coil without over-pressurizing due to warm up,” the company says on the product page. When the ball valve is closed, the refrigerant cannot enter the isolated component but is sucked through the check valve.

Jones indicated that the assembly could isolate a display case for maintenance or washing while giving the refrigerant a place to go.

Other CO2 system components and controllers produced by Sanhua include ball valves, check valves, service valves, pulse expansion valves, electronic expansion valves (EEV), EEV controllers, cabinet controllers, pressure sensors and variable speed drives for brushless direct current compressors.

“We want to be players in the CO2 market,” Jones commented. “We are fully engaged, and our products are starting to take off.”

With its North American Headquarters in Houston,Texas, Sanhua has over 30 years of experience working with the automotive, appliance and HVAC&R industries.

Sanhua was a gold sponsor of the 2023 ATMO Europe Summit, a natural refrigerant conference organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of

“We want to be players in the CO2 market.”

Dennis Jones, Strategic Account Manager at Sanhua