SCM Frigo’s new CO2 booster system is designed for convenience stores. At a maximum width of 900mm and maximum height of 1800mm, it is compact yet reliable, offering high operating efficiency and high safety standards as well as easy maintenance. It is also available as an outdoor version featuring an integrated gas cooler.

Meanwhile with the support of Beijer Ref, SCM Frigo has supplied two CO2 transcritical booster racks for a large logistics centre in Poland. The system provides a cooling capacity of 530 kW for medium-temperature cold rooms and 180 kW for their low-temperature counterparts. Equipped with modern CO2 technologies including parallel compression in order to maximise operating efficiency, the system is set up to optimise cycle efficiency during warm continental summers and during heat recovery mode.

SCM Frigo has also recently installed a system in Chile. Its Saphir CO2 cascade unit provides cooling for a blast freezer at an industrial bakery in the capital, Santiago, operating at an evaporation temperature of -42°C and a cooling capacity of 175 kW.

The company – a leader in the production of CO2 compressor packs for commercial refrigeration applications – has been developing natural refrigerant technologies since 2004. In addition to booster systems and cascade units, SCM Frigo also manufactures condensing units and power packs for CO2 and ammonia systems. At present it has installed a total of 1,387 systems worldwide.

Drawing from this experience, SCM Frigo supported the Chilean contractor with full technical assistance during the design phase and during commissioning of the unit, as well as by putting on a comprehensive CO2 training session for the onsite technicians.

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