SCM Frigo will showcase a new addition to its CO2 transcritical product range, namely a CO2 system for small convenience stores, and another new product – a CO2 chiller for industrial applications – at Chillventa next week.

“We have two new CO2 products. One is for convenience stores. We’re seeing a lot of customer requests from this sector,” says SCM Frigo Managing Director Nicola Pignatelli.

“They’re pushing for CO2 solutions that are effective and cheap enough for small shops. It will be a multi-system, not a condensing unit, because we already have condensing units on the market.”

The Chillventa tradeshow, the next edition of which takes place in the German city of Nuremberg from 16-18 October 2018, is the world’s biggest gathering of HVAC&R technology manufacturers and enthusiasts.

In addition to the commercial sector, SCM Frigo is also focusing on industrial applications.

“The second [new product] is for industrial. We receive many requests for industrial chillers, and we’re coming out with a very nice product at Chillventa,” Pignatelli said.

The company will also be showcasing its CUBO2 Smart condensing unit at Chillventa.

Click here to read an interview with Nicola Pignatelli in Accelerate magazine.

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