The second round of case studies for CO2 selected for ATMOsphere Europe 2017 include refrigeration solutions for a full range of capacities and formats, from compact plug-in units, to integral racks and the last generation of ejectors. 

The three case studies selected as part of this round are:

Danfoss | Keynotes on CO2 developments and system outlooks by Torben Funder-Kristensen

The presentation will give an overview on the current amount of Danfoss multi ejectors placed in the market and feedback obtained so far on efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, a consolidation of the experience on several Heat Recovery cases has resulted in a new product – the Heat Recovery Unit – which makes the practical implementation of heat recovery easy and ensures stable operating conditions. The Heat Recovery Unit is an example of innovation that facilitates the further use of CO2 in a very robust way.

Lastly an outlook on the opportunities of smart stores with CO2 and extended heat production for thermal networks using the actual ‘not-in use’ compressor capacity is shown. Examples on cost of operation are shown based on a typical supermarket.

TEKO | ROXSTAcube integral (transcritcal CO2-rack) by Nadine Neuberger

Teko will present the ROXSTAcube integral (transcritcal CO2-rack) with an example of a discount market Penny Lahr. The turnkey solution for indoor and outdoor installation includes all relevant CO2 refrigeration components including the Wurm control system as well as the components for the generation of heating and air conditioning – integrated in a very compact, space-saving housing.

Due to the use of the natural refrigerant CO2, the GWP of the ROXSTAcube integral system is 1. This system is absolutely future-proof, can be used under environmental protection conditions after 2030 and is not affected by the regulations of the F-Gas regulation. 

SANDEN | Full store with compact and efficient CO2 plug-in by Emilie Aubry

Sanden developed a wide range of CO2 plug-in condensing units to cover the needs of retail stores, for both medium and low temperatures. Air and Water cooled models offer to the food retail market efficient solutions that are based on natural and non-flammable refrigerants.


The 8th edition of ATMOsphere Europe, which takes place in Berlin, Germany, on 25-27 September. Over 350 industry experts will attend the three-day conference (two half-days and one full day) to discuss the latest policy and market trends and technological innovations in the natural refrigerants world.

A session dedicated to access the German-speaking market is among this year’s highlights.To join the conversation, register today or click here for more information. We look forward to welcoming you!

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