Spanish hotel Casual Málaga del Mar– part of the Casual Hoteles chain – made the case for its new CO2-based heat pump from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). The new heat pump has delivered energy savings of 60% compared to the previously installed traditional gas boiler, according to the hotel technical department. spoke to Manuel E. Sánchez-Ramos, managing partner at HVAC&R contractor Hotel Design, which installed the MHI heat pump in the Málaga hotel.

R744: Could you tell us what facilities the hotel has?

Sánchez-Ramos (MSR): It is an urban 3-star hotel with 46 rooms with breakfast.

R744: Could you tell us who manufactured and installed the heat pump?

MSR: The manufacturer is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (distributed exclusively in Spain by Lumelco, S.A.), and the installer was Energy Plus Soluciones Energéticas, s.l.

R744: The heat pump produces domestic hot water (DHW). How many rooms does it serve?

MSR: It serves the entire hotel. It was installed in July 2017.

R744: You report energy savings of 60%. In what period of time have they been achieved and with what does it compare?

MSR: The energy savings of 60% were achieved by comparing this hotel with other hotels in the chain and in similar climatic zones.

R744: What can you tell us about the heat pump’s specifications?

MSR: The Q-TON module has a capacity of 30 kW of nominal heating power. It usually produces sanitary hot water at 60°C, although it should be noted that thanks to the technology it uses, it has the possibility to produce DHW at up to 90°C from -7°C outside, so it can give antilegionella treatments perfectly.

R744: What has been your experience so far with this technology?

MSR: We are very satisfied with the operation, the reliability and the comfort, and with the low noise and maintenance levels.

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