Italian OEM SCM Frigo has delivered a flexible CO2 refrigeration system to a Spanish seafood processor — a solution with refrigeration, air conditioning and chiller module in a single booster rack.

The end user, located in Barcelona, has not been named.

The rack from SCM Frigo can serve different loads at different temperatures. It has a capacity of 300kW at -10°C, 86kW at -42°C and 65kW at -33°C (85.3TR at 14°F, 24.5TR at -43.6°F and 18.5TR at -27.4°F), according to a post from SCM Frigo on LinkedIn.

In addition to refrigeration, it has a 40kW (11.4TR) chiller module and 100kW (28.4TR) air conditioning (flooded).

The system has hot gas defrost and is equipped with heat recovery for hot water production. It also has inverter, Varistep and electromagnetic motors.

Growing demand for CO2

SCM FRIGO, a subsidiary of Swedish wholesaler Beijer Ref, was founded in 1979 and today produces a wide range of refrigeration equipment. Since 2004, the company has worked with natural refrigerants, and its CO2 line includes subcritical racks, cascade systems, transcritical chillers and booster systems.

Earlier this summer, SCM Frigo began operations at its new 13,000m2 (139,931ft2) headquarters/ manufacturing facility in Sant’Angelo di Piove di Sacco.

The new factory gives SCM Frigo the opportunity to expand its production range to meet demand for a wide range of systems and capacities, said Darren Lacroix, International Business Development for OEMs at SCM Frigo.

One product that has experienced growing demand over the past five years is the CO2 condensing unit. “We manufacture 1,500 to 2,000 units per year, and this is growing,” said Lacroix. “There is growing demand, both in Europe and APAC region.”

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