Japanese OEM Fukushima Galilei exhibited a new plug-in CO2 (R744) display case at the Supermarket Trade Show 2022 exhibition, held from February 16-18 in Chiba, Japan.

The display case uses a CO2 refrigeration system mounted on the top of the unit. This is the first time the company has displayed this system at this exhibition. The release date has not yet been decided, a company representative said.

In addition to the new plug-in CO2 display case, the company touted the fact that the majority of its remote display cases were now CO2 compatible. Compared to previous years, this exhibition had the highest number of display cases that were promoted as such. The display cases were connected to a Panasonic CO2 outdoor condensing unit at the show in Japan.

Fukushima Galilei also exhibited plug-in propane (R290) display cases supplied by Daikin. The display cases were Galilei branded, suggesting increasing co-operation between major equipment suppliers in Japan to promote plug-in R290 equipment at the exhibition this year.

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