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NEXT Series: Dorin confident CO2 can be efficient in warm climates

New technology developments to help overcome the challenges of operating in high ambient temperatures are proving that CO2 transcritical units are “the way to go” for supermarkets – wherever they are located, Giovanni Dorin, marketing manager of Dorin Innovation, told R744 in an exclusive interview. The Italian compressor manufacturer company is heading into 2016 with exciting plans to enlarge its CO2 compressor portfolio.

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China Refrigeration 2015: strong growth in CO2 solutions

At China Refrigeration 2015, which gathered over 60,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors from across the world, CO2 products were showcased for a variety of applications for both heating and refrigeration. For commercial refrigeration applications, partners such as Carrier, CAREL, Panasonic, Dorin, SANDEN and Castel, as well as others demonstrated their CO2 know-how.

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