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The FMI Midwinter Executive Conference

FMI‘s Midwinter Executive Conference has always been the premier forum for high-impact industry dialog — the moment to tackle what’s next in grocery. As an invitation-only event, FMI members focus on the industry’s most pressing issues, together.

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FMI Midwinter Executive Conference

The Midwinter Executive Conference is FMI’s signature, invitation-only annual gathering that attracts more than 1,000 senior-level executives in the food retail marketplace. It is a prestigious member-only event offering an opportunity for a diverse group of top industry leaders, including retailers, wholesalers, independent operators, suppliers and manufacturers, to converge and gain insights relevant to the…

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FMI retailer experiences: more pilot CO2 trancritical installations to come in the US

The FMI Energy & Store Development Conference in St. Louis gave retailers the opportunity to discuss their experiences with installed CO2 systems. Harrison Horning from Delhaize America / Hannaford, Jamie J. Meyers from Walgreens, and Rob Olden from GI Energy, discussed pilot transcritical CO2 stores in Maine and Illinois, whilst Benny Smith from Price Chopper talked about the first CO2 system in North America, installed in 2008.

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Whole Foods CO2 transcritical supermarket is “Best of the Best”

Attended by over 600 people, the FMI Energy & Store Development Conference focuses on energy-efficiency and conservation in the food retail industry, as well as the latest innovations in store design and merchandising. Kicking off the event as in previous years was the EPA’s GreenChill Awards ceremony, a program that recognises individual stores for investments…

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