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Exclusive interview: Enex ready to capture warm climate market with ejector technology What is the status of refrigeration units for warm ambient temperatures?Sergio Girotto: We’ve been producing refrigeration units specially designed for high demanding environments since 2013, and they are now available as standard products. During the past months, July and August, in some areas of Italy, but also in other countries, ambient temperatures reached peaks of…

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Solving the “CO2 equator” challenge: Enex’s ejector technology

Enex has been actively developing solutions to increase CO2 system efficiency in warm ambient climates like Spain and Italy. Using parallel compression and ejectors in unison, the company has realised significant efficiency gains and cost (first cost + energy cost) reductions. With more than 60 units installed with auxiliary compressors and more than 20 units using ejectors, the company’s accumulated data proves the energy savings of Enjector® technology can be as

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