Carter Retail Equipment

Greening pastures new: Carter’s journey to boost natural refrigerant technology in America

UK-based Carter Retail Equipment is looking to expand its global presence by bringing natural refrigerant systems to the US supermarket sector. Accelerate Europe visited their factory on the edge of Birmingham to hear first hand how growing interest in CO2 transcritical installations in the United States is creating new opportunities for European businesses.

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ATMOsphere Europe

ATMOsphere Europe 2015: industrial and transport CO2 refrigeration ‘firsts’ in Europe

2014 was an important year of ‘firsts’ for CO2 in terms of the refrigerant being applied in a wider range of applications in Europe, including transport, ice rinks, the HORECA food service sector, and more. The sixth annual ATMOsphere Europe 2015 conference heard from the technology providers and contractors of these projects, including Carrier Transicold, Green & Cool, Green Cooling, Thermo King and AF Consulting.

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Carrier Commercial Refrigeration

Natural refrigerants make commercial sense according to new Carrier Refrigeration study

According to a new report by Carrier Commercial Refrigeration almost two-thirds of large supermarkets from North and West European countries now use natural refrigerants in their stores, a trend driven by company-wide sustainability policies, and one that is outpacing EU legislation. The study, developed in partnership with market development company shecco, seeks to provide a clear picture of the key drivers for and against the adoption of sustainable refrigeration and refrigerant options.

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