Spanish component manufacturer Tecnac has introduced a new series of large-capacity liquid receivers for CO2 (R744) applications.

The liquid receivers have capacities up to 5,000L (1,321gal) and are suitable for industrial refrigeration.

The receivers are already available worldwide, and are a response to the ever-increasing size of CO2 refrigeration systems, said Ernesto Zavala, Technical Export Sales Representative for Tecnac, which is headquartered near Madrid.

Tecnac, founded in 1988, designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes components and accessories for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries, including oil separators and oil receivers for both subcritical and transcritical CO2 applications. The company also manufactures suction accumulators and valves for R744 refrigeration.

Tecnac’s largest market is Europe, accounting for around 80% of the company’s CO2 turnover. Its second largest market is Australia. All of the company’s products, which are available in more than 40 countries, are manufactured at its factory in Spain.

Detailing its reasons for choosing to manufacture components using R744, Tecnac stressed that in addition to the environmental advantages and low GWP, CO2 is also a “safe” and “cheap” refrigerant to produce. The company stressed that it is important to keep up with the latest market trends and demands from customers.

Tecnac also produces components for ammonia (R717) and propane (R290) refrigeration.

In the U.K its products are distributed by QuickFreeze, a sister company of Greencold.

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