r744.com is pleased to announce Teklab as a new partner. The company, specialises in infrared liquid level sensors for CO2 refrigeration systems, has joined as a bronze partner. 

The Italian company sees CO2 gaining popularity as a refrigerant. It has a low environmental impact and it is not flammable. The thermodynamic properties of CO2 in particular make it a suitable choice for many different applications, according to Teklab. 

Teklab was founded over 25 years ago and exports its sensors to customers all over the world. Tens of thousands of sensors by the Italian company have already been installed in various applications. 

The portfolio of Teklab includes a wide range of liquid level sensors based on digital technology. With this, it meets the growing market demand for R744. All products are made in Italy.

All sensors produced by Teklab have the advantages of small size, no moving parts, reliability, long life efficacy and economy. They can be used in high pressure and extreme temperature environments. All sensors for CO2 withstand pressure up to 150 bar and temperatures up to 125°C. 

For the sensors, a consolidated process using steel and fibreglass technology is used. This ensures a good chemical compatibility with CO2 and any oil used, as well as no leakage. 

All sensors from Teklab are high quality and low cost products that undergo strict quality control tests. This way, Teklab can also ensure that the sensors are compatible with most common chemical agents, food, beverages, oil and fuel. 

Author Rico Meyn

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